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Our Shave Ice Flavoring (use 4 ounces to flavor 1 gallon of syrup) [See mixing instructions] comes in a variety of flavors. [See flavor list]

The pricing and sizes available are:

4 ounce bottle (flavors 1 gallon)
$ 2.75
Quart bottle (flavors 8 gallons)
$ 18.00
Gallon jug (flavors 32 gallons)
$ 64.00

Also available is an optional preservative which will extend the shelf life of
your syrup. One-half ounce per gallon of syrup is all that is added.
This product is available in the same sizes as the flavoring:

4 ounce bottle
$ 2.00
Quart bottle
$ 14.00
Gallon jug
$ 45.00

Additionally we have :

Hand Pump for Gallon Jug
$ 5.00
Plastic Jug and Cap (one gallon)
$ 1.00

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