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We have broken our products into the following categories, any of which can be made in a variety of flavors. SEE FLAVOR LIST


Fountain syrup is a concentrate that is diluted with water (for a non-carbonated drink) or with soda water (seltzer) to make a carbonated drink. A Post Mix Soda System will mix the syrup and soda together or diluting can be done by hand. SEE PRICING


Our snow cone syrup is poured directly over crushed or shaved ice to provide the flavor. We manufacture this product to be thicker than a drink syrup and is designed to stay on top of the ice. This provides better eye appeal without the need for using more syrup. Generally one ounce is used per serving. SEE PRICING


FCB (Frozen Carbonated Syrup) is a product that is made to be used in a machine that dispenses a frozen beverage. Both water and CO2 are required for this type of equipment. This product stands in the cup and is usually served in a cup with a domed lid. SEE PRICING

Shave Ice Flavoring

Shave Ice Flavoring is a flavoring only product that was developed mainly because of the high cost of shipping. Four ounces of this flavoring is used to make a gallon of syrup. A preservative can be added to extend the shelf life of your syrup. SEE MIXING INSTRUCTIONS and PRICING